About Us

Designer Nicole Massarelli, inspired by her grandmothers Eda & Betty, has brought vintage styling to a whole new level. Nicole's grandmothers were true fashionistas before the word even existed! Through her inheritance of Eda's stunning vintage cameo ring from Italy, the entire Eda & Betty line was created. As a small child Nicole was absolutely obsessed with her grandmother's cameo ring! It was the ultimate vision of timeless fashion. While cooking homemade pasta & meatballs at her grandmothers house, Nicole would always insist on wearing this amazing ring! Whether in a house coat or dressed to the 9's, Nicole's grandmothers were always a vision of true beauty! These true fashion forward exquisite women raised Nicole's mother to be a second generation fashion guru! Growing up watching her mother radiate of beauty & always looking magnificent, Nicole found her way into the fashion world. From their vintage cameos & religious adornments the Eda & Betty collections came to life!